How to Bicycle Across America – Maps & Elevations

How to Bicycle Across America is a solo tour of the southern United States, over 2,800 miles from the Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean, taking 32 riding days to complete. The journey was broken into five stages over five years. Flying in and out of each start and finish point, then cycling five to seven days to complete a section ranging from 450 to 700 miles.

There are a number of different routes a bicyclist can take. Some go San Diego to New York. Others like Seattle to New York or Seattle to Miami – each with various challenges. The maps below show the southern route that starts in San Diego, California to Phoenix, Arizona, through El Paso, Texas to San Antonio, Texas, then along the Gulf of Mexico to New Orleans, Louisana finishing in St. Augustine, Florida.

The maps and elevation charts below are from various sources: Google, MapMyRide, and Garmin. Over the 5 years of this adventure the mapping technology continued to improve with more valuable information on elevations, speeds, time to destination, and calories burned.

The maps below are shown in 3 sections:

1 – The entire route – San Diego, California to St. Augustine, Flordia.

2 – Daily maps for each of the 32 days of the ride.

3 – The 5 stages or sections completed each year.

The Entire Southern Route

The Daily Maps – 32 Days

The 5 Sections – 5 to 7 Days

More Elevation Charts

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