Friend or foe?

Cycling into Aguilla, a small town in the Arizona desert, around 7.30 a.m., there’s a bloke coming toward me pushing a loaded cart, something like a three-wheeled stroller. I moved to the other side of the road, in case he is crazy. It’s people more than wild animals that are the worry out here. He says, “Any food places open down the road?”
I reply, “Yes, about 30 miles back!” We both agree this would be a good time to eat and have breakfast together at a small café.
It turns out Tony is running around the world. He’s been on the road for 192 days and averages 25 miles a day! He started running across Ireland, then flew to the United States, started running from Maine, and plans to run to the bottom of South America. Then he will catch a flight to Australia and run the entire length of that, then through Asia, the Middle East, and Europe on his way back to Ireland. Tony also has a few world records for ultra running, including running on a treadmill for 48 hours. Check his website out:

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