Looking for Some Inspiration?
How to Bicycle Across America

The story of a solo ride from
San Diego, California to St. Augustine, Florida.

Be inspired… Maybe it’s time to start your own adventure!!!

What a terrific story! Your ride just has to make all of us couch potatoes green with envy.

Dan (Cleveland, Ohio)

I used to ride religiously and your email got me back in the saddle!

Matt(Irvine, California)

The Ride

How to Bicycle Across America is a solo tour of the southern United States, over 2,800 miles (4,541 kilometers) from the Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean, taking 32 riding days to complete. The journey was broken into five stages over five years. Flying in and out of each start and finish point, then cycling five to seven days to complete a section that would range from 450 to 700 miles. The book is a “how-to-guide” that covers all the details – equipment, training, maps and elevation charts.

If you have ever had the urge to do a long distance bicycle tour or just learn more about the southern United States, then come and take your time traveling the back roads through California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida. Discover the uniqueness of each state, “tasting” the various local flavors while gaining a true appreciation for the country and people.

Read how the ride became a focus on people, pain, and persistence. Experience the various challenges and the rewards along the way. Enjoy the funny stories and lighthearted entertainment from an Aussie’s perspective. Be inspired to maybe start your own adventure.

The Route

San Diego, California to Saint Augustine, Florida – distance 2,820 miles/4,541 kilometers

  1. San Diego to Phoenix – May 5-10, 2011 – 437 miles/703 kilometers – 6 days
  2. Phoenix to El Paso – May 30-June 4, 2012 – 430 miles/692 kilometers – 5 days
  3. El Paso to San Antonio – May 2-8, 2013 – 619 miles/966 kilometers – 7 days
  4. San Antonio to New Orleans – September 20-26, 2014 – 653 miles/1,051 kilometers – 7 days
  5. New Orleans to St Augustine – November 1-7, 2015 – 681 miles/1,096 kilometers – 7 days

The Book

The Reviews

  • Succinct and witty observational humor. – Joe (London, United Kingdom)
  • Most enjoyable reading. Entertaining, to the point, and I can picture being there as you’re describing things. …. I laughed out loud on the part “you rode from Australia?” – Linda (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)
  • GREAT READ! “If I was with you we would have stopped in Bayou La Batre” – Robbie (Phoenix, Arizona)
  • A road trip on a “pushy” is the best way to truly experience a journey. Reading your touring cycling yarn has inspired me to start planning my next ride. – Darryl (Sydney, Australia)
  • The excellent descriptions are making my mouth water for a ride of my own. – Ron (Scottsdale, Arizona)
  • What an achievement and a great experience. Something to tell the grandkids. I must say, the bear situation sounded a bit hairy. I had no idea they lived at the beach. Loved all the stories of the character’s met along the way. And a great way/incentive to get fit. – Peter (Toronto, Canada)
  • Great reading!! Would love to do the same . . . Very motivating. – Robert (Austin, Texas)
  • You’ve done a nice trip and I like the way you write your story, you’ve got a good sense of entertaining us with what is characteristic of the day. Very inspiring. – Pierre (Montpellier, France)
  • What great journey and a wonderful way to see and experience life. After reading your daily reports I feel I know more about the States or certainly people and places you have encountered. I love the freedom and surprises around every corner with touring on a bike. – Vishal (New Delhi, India)
  • What a terrific story! Your ride just has to make all of us couch potatoes green with envy. – Dan (Cleveland, Ohio)
  • Good stories!  I read your travels out loud to my family. – Steven (Scottsdale, Arizona)
  • It’s sure a fun read, I’m really enjoying your stories and the people you are meeting along the way. Nice to see you can get a little business in along with way. – David (Midland, Texas)
  • A great read.  I’m living vicariously through your stories and may get the courage to get off my couch because of you. – Andreas (El Paso, Texas)
  • Good job on the writing, I’m really enjoying the stories along the way. – John (Bend, Oregon)
  • Thanks for the wonderful vicarious escape. – Tamara (Vero Beach, Florida)
  • We enjoyed your adventures and at the same time learn more about the USA. There are so many interesting details on the beaten tracks, which we would never hear about. – Marcus (Palm Beach, Australia)
  • Your adventures are wonderful escapes and my “behind” aches every time I read them. – Susan (Burlington, Massachusetts)
  • What terrific stories! You are quite obviously having a wonderful time, and meeting some “salt of the earth” people. – Ron (Phoenix, Arizona)
  • You have the ability with your choice of words that I am smelling and seeing what you are. – Terry (Phoenix, Arizona)
  • Its a great read, I think you should have a taser on you for the approaching dogs, wildlife and strangers thou! – Donna (Tweed Heads, New South Wales)
  • What a ride, what an adventure! Sounds tough heading east against the wind. – Lee (Salt Lake City, Utah)
  • Freakin’ awesome stories! – Eddie (Amarillo, Texas)
  • Your commentary on the the places you’ve been on the trip are truly entertaining to read. – Don (San Diego, California)

The Author

Shane Hannan moved to the United States in 1997. He met his wife in Whistler, Canada, on a snow skiing adventure. They have a son and a daughter. Shane is a true entrepreneur and loves meeting people as he travels for business. Since 2003, he has owned a software company in Scottsdale, Arizona, developing software solutions that are marketed and sold through distribution partners worldwide. He enjoys the outdoors and the warm climate of the Sonoran Desert. Previously he lived in Seattle for three years and prior to that lived in Sydney, Australia, growing up on the beaches of Cronulla, in the Sutherland Shire.

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